Board of Directors

First Name Last Name Office
Cynthia Hope-Browne President
Terral  Mapp Vice President
Bernard John Treasurer
Martin Sheen Secretary
Jerome Deshong Director
Colin John Director
Angelita  Miller Director


Credit Committee

First Name Last Name Office
Timothy Scott Chairman
Licia Nero Secretary
Osneth Cato Member
Juanika Joseph


Ingrid Clarke Member


Supervisory and Compliance Committee

First Name Last Name Office
Elvis Dublin Chairman
Daniella Henry Secretary
Akisha  Yearwood Member
Steve Millington Member
Kazon Simmons Member


Education Committee

First Name Last Name Office
Joselle  Joslyn-White Chairman
Josyln Craigg Secretary
Arlette Maloney Member
Gale  Thorpe Member
Kosinski Adams Member


Senior Staff

First Name Last Name Office
Clement Lynch Chief Executive Officer
Marcelle Alexander Head of Credit and Loans
Alonso Munroe Head of Customer Services
Eronne Evans Chief Accountant
Judith Seaman Recoveries Manager 
Hadasha Butcher-Cruickshank Compliance Officer
Ruth  Stowe Marketing Officer
Oszette Glasgow- Providence Human Resources Officer


Human Resources Committee

First Name Last Name Office
Phyllis Allen-James  Chairman
Cynthia Hope-Browne Member
Wendie  Edwards-Williams Secretary
Jerome Deshong  Member
Angelita Miller  Member


Investment Committee

First Name Last Name Office
Bernard  John Chairman
Laurent  Hadley Secretary
Jeremy  Jackson  Member
Terral  Mapp Member
Cole Debique Member 




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