Annual School Quiz

  • The KCCU Annual School Quiz targets Primary Schools groups from Grades five (5) and six (6).
  • The competition has two (2) components: (i) preliminary (ii) finals.

National Dance Festival

  • The KCCU National Dance festival is held bi-annually in conjunction with the Ministry of Culture.

Orientation and Training Sessions

  • Orientation Sessions are held to give new members more information on the policies, procedures and operations of the Credit Union.
  • Training sessions are held periodically to our members. Two (2) of such are financial wellness and Home Ownership.

Company Visits

  • Company visits are done as a means of attracting new members to the Credit Union a fostering a stronger relation with existing members.

Annual Scholarship

  • Currently KCCU offers four (4) scholarships and two (2) bursaries to children of members who have done the transit examination from primary to secondary school.

KCYC Summer Camp

  • The summer camp is held in the month of August , and provides fun fill activities for children during the summer vacation.

Senior Care Day

  • This stimulating, educational and fun filled event is held in October of each year and focuses on senior members.


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