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Not a member? You might want to re-think that

We're a credit union – that means we are a not-for-profit operation. Unlike banks, we don't report to shareholders, who expect high returns on their investment. In fact, we don't even have shareholders – we're owned by you, the members. We exist solely to serve you.

Profits made by the credit union are returned to KCCU's member base in the form of fewer fees, better rates and financial education. Why else should you choose KCCU?

  • COMMUNITY. We are proud of the support we provide to the wider Vincentian community through the arts and schools.
  • FINANCIAL COUNSELLING. Visit with a KCCU Financial Consultant at the KCCU location in Kingstown – you can even pre-book an appointment online.
  • SAVE. Compared to an average bank, KCCU members may save more as a result of our lower rates and fewer fees.

Our Members have a Voice

We make it a priority to listen to our members' feedback, and many of our products and services ideas come from the members themselves. Be part of a membership where your voice counts! Join KCCU.

Get Started

You can join online or in person. It only takes about 10 minutes to apply for KCCU membership online. Whether you reside in St. Vincent and the Grenadines, or the Diaspora, a KCCU membership is the right choice for you. Start your application today by applying online or make an appointment at one of our KCCU locations.

What do I need to become a member?

1. Two (2) pieces of Photo Identification (in cases where you only have one, a notarized letter by a Justice of Peace or Lawyer is required) 

2. A recent job letter and/or salary slip (for self-employed persons, income statements (bank statements) or certificate of registration of business is required)

3. Proof of address (this can be done by presenting a utility bill in your name or a letter from landlord/parent) 

4. Fee for joining $405 ($300 qualifying shares, $5 administrative/joining fee, $100 equity shares). There are additional optional cost as follows:


     - $50 yearly for our death benefit plan. This pays out $7500 to your beneficiary upon your death. 

     - If you wish to sign up for our ATM service, there is an additional fee of $10 for every ATM card you receive. 

     - Regular shares savings of $25 monthly.

     - Other savings accounts of $25 monthly.


WE ALSO URGE ALL MEMBERS TO SIGN UP KLICK KCCU online services which you can also use on our mobile app KLICK KCCU. 




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