Board of Directors


First Name Last Name Office
Cynthia Hope/Browne President
Jerome  DeShong Vice President
Gillon Frederick Treasurer
Angelita  Miller Secretary
Dominic White Director
Elsworth Abbott Director
Terral  Mapp Director


Credit Committee

First Name Last Name Office
Bernard John Chairman
Timothy Scott Secretary
Osneth Cato Member
Kolene Thomas


Juanika Joseph  Member


Supervisory and Compliance Committee

First Name Last Name Office
Steve  Millington Chaiman
Gale Thorpe Secretary
Alaine  Weekes Member
Marlyn Isaacs/Richards Member
Elvis Dublin Member


Education Committee

First Name Last Name Office
Joselle  White Chairman
Arlette Maloney Secretary
Wendie Edwards/Wilson Member
Iyanna Trimmingham Member
Kathy-Ann  Tommy/Samuel  Member


Senior Staff

First Name Last Name Office
Clement Lynch Chief Executive Officer
Marcelle Alexander Head of Credit and Loans
Alonso Munroe Head of Customer Services
Kemuel King Accountant
Judith Seaman Senior Recoveries Officer
Hadasha Butcher Compliance Officer


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