A vehicle loan to commemorate KCCU’s 60th Anniversary. It will cover vehicle purchase, vehicle license and insurance.

Product Design

  • Loan Range: Open
  • Interest Rate: 6% reducing balance
  • Repayment Period: 60 months
  • Fees: $60.00
  • Compulsory savings: $60.00 F/N to shares
  • Direct Deduction
  • Share requirement: 6% of request
  • First payment after 60 days 1st disbursement
  • Loan must be for the purchase, insurance and license of the vehicle (no refinancing)
  • Comprehensive vehicle Insurance
  • Vehicles no older than 12 years (2007 effective 2018)


  • Membership with death benefit or medical
  • Employment: 3 years or more
  • Direct Deduction
  • Documents: Job letter, pay slip
  • Details of request: Invoices, offer letter, photos, valuation, registration


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